Sweet  - Erin McCarthy

Seriously, this woman writes crack. I finished this book in less than 24 hours. I legit ditched people and appointments just to finish this and it was completely and utterly worth it.


Jessica and Riley are both terribly flawed. Riley has an awful temper, isn't smooth at all and doesn't really control his mouth, saying things he really shouldn't but he is loyal to a fault and takes care of his younger siblings. Jessica comes from a privileged background and likes to have sex instead of relationships but she is resilient, strong and incredibly vulnerable. They don't get along initially but that quickly changes after Jessica needs a place to crash. To say their chemistry is off the charts is an understatement.


I really enjoyed her dynamic with Riley's brothers and how she owned up to who she was in the face of a lot of criticism and judgement. I liked that Riley understood when he had messed up and was man enough to apologize. I loved how explosive they were with each other and how they did not act like immature brats when their jealousy or any kind of misunderstanding got in the way. They are just so good together. I wanted to hug and squish them almost all the time. And boy, pardon the pun, Riley really riled me up.


My only real complaint was why on earth did Jessica's brother hate her so much? A little explanation besides "hey, you're a bitch" would've been nice.


Now I can't wait to get my hands on book 3 and book 4 which, according to Ms. McCarthy's website, are coming out early 2014. SQUEE!