(c) Kim Min JiName: Nicole


D.O.B.: November 17


Astrological Sign: Scorpio


Current City: NYC


Joined: September 2013


Interests: Writing, reading, traveling, baking


Languages: English, Español, Spanglish, Français (un petit peu), Italiano (un po')

Favorite Books: Romance (Contemporary and Historical), Young Adult, Erotica, Travel, Food


About friend requests: I'm pretty open to adding anyone, however, I will not add any authors that are just looking to push their book on me. I'm looking for people that I can interact with.


What my stars mean:



★★★★★ - SPECTACULAR! AWESOMESAUCE! It probably made me cry. I want everyone to read this book. 




★★★★ - Really enjoyable.




★★★ - Ok.




★★ - Meh.




- Kill it with fire.



Happy reading :)