Losing It - Cora Carmack



Everything about this book was just so meh.I wanted to like this one. It seemed to have all the things I liked: hot for teacher scenario, British guy, fun and fluff. Instead, I got predictable and boring. Bliss (THAT NAME) was whiny, indecisive and just downright unlikeable. Also, I had no idea what made her so irresistible to everyone. What made her special? And don't get me started on how horribly she treated Cade who was supposed to be her best friend. She broke his heart and made it all about her. Come on, girl. You know something is wrong when I find myself cheering for someone else completely besides the main character. Hell, I even liked Cade aka plot point more than I liked Garrick. Garrick was just too generic for me. Nothing really stood out about his personality except that he reads Shakespeare in a bar. Although I will say, he was really kind and a nurturer. That was nice.The worst part... I cannot tell you what kind of transformation Bliss suffered, if any. She remained the exact same person throughout the book until the epilogue where she was sassier but that's it. Not to mention this book is riddled with grammatical errors. I can ignore one or two but after finding ten... it just gets annoying.


Overall, blah book. Not interested or invested or connected to any of the characters to pick up the sequels.