The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

Wow. I don't even know what to think or how to rate this yet. I can see why this book is so well liked (O HAI EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION~) but to be honest, it did nothing for me. Half the time I was bored out of my skull and forcing myself to finish it so I could move on to something else.


Some of the problems I had with The Book Thief:

-The heavy foreshadowing. It drove me insane.

-It's boring until you reach 75%.

-Choppy sentences. Like this. Omg.

-What was the plot? Was there any plot? I don't think so.

-Death (the narrator) interrupting the story to give BREAKING NEWS. It completely jarred the reading experience for me.


What I loved:

-Taught me a few things about WWII that I didn't know.

-The description of the eyes. It made me swoon every time I read one.

-Rudy. Did he seriously have to die? Along with the rest of the town? And did I seriously need to know this 43% into the book? Even if I was reminded constantly that he was going to die, I cried when I read it. Still mad at myself for that one.


Overall, a depressing and boring read.