Tempting the Billionaire (Love in the Balance, #1) - Jessica Lemmon

Oh man. That was one hell of a painful read. So many pages with clunky sentences riddled with over the top metaphors.


I don't know. Maybe I am a cynic but if I am at a club/bar/what-have-you and I am a man and there's a girl at a bar crying her eyes out, I wouldn't think of her as a prime target for seduction or anything other than a tissue. This book is boring as hell. Nothing happens. There is no discernible conflict other than they both know that they want each other but they shouldn't be together because he's her boss and an array of different clichés I just can't bring myself to care about. They both act like jealous teenagers throughout the book yet they never make a conscious, adult decision to hook up and keep it under wraps if they don't want the office to find out. They dance around their obvious attraction, visibly salivating over each other and their edible scents but never doing anything other than stare longingly. I swear, I don't understand how Shane is a billionaire businessman if he lacks so much gumption to just.make.a.move.


The sex scenes were lackluster. It peeved me beyond belief that I did not know where this book was taking place until 50% in. Is it that hard to work in Ohio at some point in the beginning?


Shane is insufferable and indecisive and Crickitt is a doormat doubling as a crybaby. All she did was chase Shane and then be upset when he fumbled over and over due to his commitment issues. Another problem I had was that Shane never really opens up in the book and when he does, we are told he did. He should've talked about his past, not have Lori -the ex-girlfriend- do it for it him. And no offense, but if I were Crickitt I would've told him a thing or two when he went from cuddly puppy to tyrant in the blink of an eye, treating Crickitt like crap in the process. And the fact that he assumed she had slept with her ex-husband and then proceeded to treat her like crap without even asking what the hell was up? Come on now. That was some seriously passive aggressive bullshit. Dude seriously. Get professional help and get over that grief/guilt.