Food Rules: An Eater's Manual - Michael Pollan, Maira Kalman

A book that collects various adages, sayings, proverbs and the like from all over the world about how to eat. Eating shouldn't be about supplying our bodies with fuel. It should be a communion with nature. Not one with factories and food scientists. Ideally, I wish to implement all these rules. Ok, some of them because all would reduce my food options even more than they already are (thanks lactose intolerance). Some rules are very hard for me personally to uphold, like snacking on fruits and vegetables, especially when I have a box filled with animal crackers staring back at me. However, I will certainly try to change a few bad eating habits. There is plenty of logic and even common sense behind all these rules: eating at the table, trying not to eat alone, avoiding processed foods, going to farmer's markets, not eating things your grandmother or great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food (looking at you, Go-gurt), etc.


Overall, an easy to read, fun and informative book.