Bad Blood - Minx Malone

Awww. This was a really sweet (and a little spicy) novella. The characters were relatable though I wish we had more time to get to know them better. Such are the woes of this format.


Reading progress notes

1% -- I sent my thesis (94! pages!!) to my advisor for revision so I get to treat myself because she won’t get back to me until Monday.


2% -- Yeah, no, his possessive behavior ain’t cute.


15% -- “Tell me he didn’t hurt you, Georgie.”‬

‪Omg, my heart. I don’t know why this line got to me but it so did.


16% -- Anytime someone asks me if I’m wearing makeup, I will just say “it’s girl magic” and nobody can stop me.


21% -- Back here after I finished my first round of revisions.

Lmao at scheduled sex. Saturday afternoons are for fucking? Good lawd.


22% -- The crowbar in his pants

‪halp I’m dying‬


27% --  Whoa, I got lost with that chapter change. I thought it was another day, not later in the day.


40% -- ”Georgie, you don’t need to have any regrets. Alex may have been your first, but there’s no special talent to being first. Whatever man wins your heart will be last. And that’s all that matters.”



60% -- That slap came out of nowhere and I'm not sure his comment even warranted such a reaction, tbh.

67% -- With his luck, if he left a note it would get caught on a gust of wind, sucked out an open door, and then eaten by a feral cat.



68% -- omg King walked in on a naked Jamie! THE HORROR.


77% -- ‪THE WEDDING PLANNER? Oh ffs.