Stranded with a Billionaire (THE BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB) - Jessica Clare

Ridiculously easy to read. My heart was won over by Brontë, the protagonist. She's incredibly relatable and down to earth without being annoying or patronizing. It was rather wonderful to like a heroine as much as I liked her. Can't really remember the last time that happened recently. As for the hero, Logan... half the time I thought he was a rude jerk and the other time I was ok with him. He's every bit an alpha which is fine but I just wasn't feeling him much or at all.


Whenever I encountered a sex scene (which are plenty), he didn't really do it for me so half the time I found myself skimming. Never a good sign. Maybe it was the writing style that I just didn't allow me to connect with him or maybe that I felt he had little depth. I dunno. Can't really put my finger on it. Another thing that bugged me was that I didn't have a clear vision or description of neither hero nor heroine until after I had read 60% of the book. I realized it's quite the pet peeve for me.


Overall, it was ok. Might read the next book in the series though I am in no particular hurry to do so.