Bluets - Maggie Nelson
"I knew it all along. The heart of the world is blue."
(p. 90)

This wasn't what I expected.

I’m feeling a bit like a prude but this was unexpectedly vulgar for me? I came in thinking it would be about the color blue, grief, lovesickness, love, loss, etc. Those elements are present but so is a lot of mention of dick and pussy and sex and I was completely surprised. I wanted something soft and melancholic and that is definitely not what I found. The melancholy was there but it was being chased by madness.

Another thing that surprised me was the philosophical elements present. Lots of Plato and other philosophers are mentioned.

I did enjoy her prose, her descriptions, and feelings about color.



Reading progress notes


61% - 136. "Drinking when you are depressed is like throwing kerosene on a fire,” I read in another self-help book at the bookstore. What depression ever felt like a fire? I think, shoving the book back on the shelf.

75% - Not loving that she used the "r" word.