The Impostor Queen - Sarah Fine

This book is perfectly ok. Nothing remarkable but I enjoyed it because it helped me disconnect from the stress of grad school. In fact, the first 100 pages are a bit tedious to get through. I found myself uninterested and close to abandoning it, but I didn’t because I did like the protagonist Elli and I wanted to know what would happen to her. Turns out, a lot of shit happens to her. It was both horrifying and refreshing to see the main character not walk out unscathed from certain life-threatening situations. The danger feels very real in this world.

I teared up a few times because of the emotion Elli stirred in me, even so, it didn’t grip me. The story is fine, the characters are flawed, and you do grow to care about some of them, but overall, I expected to feel more emotionally impacted...

...mainly when certain characters die/are killed. Like when Mim died? That was so anti-climatic, and I think that Elli got over her first love's death pretty quickly.

(show spoiler)

I did enjoy the lore and the descriptions of the magic. I loved that the heroine was bisexual. That was a big plus for me.

However, I'm not filled with an overwhelming need to find out what happens. I'm perfectly fine not reading the next two books in the series.