Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon

I predicted the twist from the very beginning so that really took me away from the narrative. I did not like how the end was wrapped up in a somewhat neat bow. It all seemed dismissive to me. It's hard to explain. The middle is a bit of a slog to get through. It was too easy to stop reading and do something else. This book also has a case ofinsta-love but one that I can excuse given the fact that Madeline has never been exposed to a situation like this before. 

However, the I-love-you scene was strangely anticlimactic and not very heartfelt. It read like the author had to get them to say that cause they were going to have sex in the next chapter.

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That being said, I enjoyed how easy this book is to read because the chapters are so short and Ms. Yoon's prose is so breezy. I loved the little illustrations that complimented the reading experience. This is one of those books that--should you choose to read it--you should buy a physical copy. I loved that Madeline was biracial. I loved that she loves The Little Prince almost as much as I do.

Still, I can't get over that 'twist' or how that end was so... incomplete.