A Bollywood Affair - Sonali Dev

I enjoyed reading this book.

The prose was even melodic at times, the description of the food made me want to buy a ticket to India (or go to an Indian restaurant) and I really did love Samir and Milli.

Milli is a very sweet girl who cries easily, something I can understand and something that didn't annoy me as perhaps it annoyed other reviewers. While I do not consider myself a crybaby, some people are very emotional and they don't deserve to have anyone police their feelings. So good for Milli for being able to express her feelings so freely. Samir is sexy, kind, potty-mouthed and damaged but a great cook. I enjoyed seeing their friendship blossom even if I wanted to strangle him for not speaking up sooner about his real reasons for seeking out Milli.

Why not give it the full 5 stars? I didn't like was how the sex was portrayed. It sounded painful. Like the guy just ripped that girl's hymen and she was a-ok? Hell to the no.

Also, the false domestic abuse allegation made by Samir's ex-girlfriend rubbed me the wrong way. Plot lines like this need to die in a fire. It makes it seem like every scorned woman will just jump at the opportunity of being portrayed as a victim when things go sour in a relationship. We don't need any more people believing that anyone who speaks up about being abused is instantly lying.