Brown-Eyed Girl (Travises, #4) - Lisa Kleypas

I wanted to love this book, but I really didn’t.


This book lacked all the charm that I’ve come to expect from a Lisa Kleypas novel. By the end, I didn’t feel a rush of excitement when Joe and Avery came face to face. It was more of an ‘ah, guess this is ending’ feeling. The epilogue, while very cute, made me shrug because I just did not feel these two as a couple.


For me, Joe was way too pushy. So insistent, refusing to take no for an answer when Avery was CLEARLY uncomfortable with his advances at certain points, it even triggered some anxiety in me. As you can imagine, I wasn’t really into him except for when he complimented Avery on her brown eyes. We brown-eyed girls get the short end of the stick in romance.


All of the Travis clan that we know and love (some more than others) show up in this book.

Did not like that Haven NEARLY DIED giving birth and then we don’t see her and Hardy hold their baby girl after all the shit they went through. DON’T PLAY WITH MY EMOTIONS, MS. KLEYPAS. /end rant


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I felt Avery jumped into this arrangement with Joe before she was mentally ready to do so. She was way too emotionally delicate for it. Though, she womans up in the end and faces her fears, I just didn’t like how she went about it.


The secondary characters saved the book for me. Sofia and Steven were super fun and possessed more sexual tension than Joe and Avery. Tank was hilarious. Coco was a dear.


I saw the twist coming a mile away. It was not surprising in the least.

I’m just hoping Ms. Kleypas will write a book so Ryan gets his much deserved happy ending.

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Overall, a ‘meh’ book.