She's Gone Country - Jane Porter

A very different type of romance novel though I wonder if I can really call it a romance novel and not just a work of fiction. The romance is there but its not exactly front and center.It's mostly centers on the 39 year old, Shey and all her problems after her divorce and raising 3 boys. Dane, the love interest, is all cowboy: rock hard and not very emotional. At times I felt him to be kind of flat and two dimensional but I still got happy whenever they were in the same scene together.Really liked how the author conveyed the emotions throughout the book. I felt connected to Shey, even if we don't have the same age or issues. That's always a good thing.My only problem lies in how many subplots were left hanging. Did they ever catch the guy who broke into her house? What about Emily and her drinking problem? It just felt a little underdeveloped.All that aside, I felt happy once I finished it and that's always a plus though in the end, because of her justifiable hesitation, I was left a little nervous for her. Maybe because I felt that Dane liked her and he did love her but it felt a tad... generic? Dunno. Still a good book.