Afraid - Barbara Cartland

Enjoyed this more than I thought I would. The Dasher/The Duke/The guy whose name appears only once in the entire book is a self-important asshole who thinks he is God's gift to the world. He is bored with women and insists he will never marry because women do not keep his interest. And no, he isn't gay. Felica (though in my mind I called her Felicia caused Felica is such an unfortunate name) had survived a traumatic childhood experienced and was saved by the Duke. Because of this, she has idolized him to a degree that made me uncomfortable most of the time but she is phobic of men. A few attempted kidnappings later along with some shocking realization that women can be intelligent, The Duke underwent some shocking realizations and had a tiny ego check. The concept that a woman has to be pure and inexperienced to be worth something did get on my nerves.


Overall, a sweet yet slightly ridiculous romance. HEA is assured.