Kings Rising: Book Three of the Captive Prince Trilogy - C.S. Pacat
If I had to summarize this book, it would be: I'm scared, omg NO, noooo, YAAAAS, *squish*, *aaaaaangst*, ALL THE FEEEEELS RIGHT NOW, shit fuck what just happened, YAY IT'S ALL WONDERFUL AGAIN, omfg no no no no no no no no--- *sigh of relief in the last two pages* THANK YOU BB JESUS.

*happy sigh*

You guys. You guys. I read this in 10 hours. I gave live updates to my friend that were nearly always in ALL CAPS. (Sorry, Cristal!) I ignored schoolwork. I could barely focus in class as I counted down the minutes until this book and I would be alone again.

Let it be known that I dislike reading trilogies because more often than not they are horrible disappointing. SO NOT THE CASE HERE!

It was the most amazing ride ever with the most perfectly, satisfying end. I need to bask in the glory of this book, in the glory of these tragically flawed yet infinitely endearing characters. The sex scenes were heartfelt --I mean how often can one say that?-- and I found myself tearing up more than once. The emotions were just that powerful. The scenario so awful yet wonderful at the same time. 

It ended just as I wanted. 

BUT because I am greedy, I wanted more. Justa smidgen more.
Like, I needs my wedding scene! Or some scene where they are in their brand new spanking castle looking at the beach or something, and they are kissing and being perfectly content. Get on it, Ms. Pacat! 
(show spoiler)
Casting my greediness aside, yes. It was an absolutely wonderful trilogy that I will recommend forever and always. It was just perfection

Infinite thanks to Lola for recommending it to me <3

Yup, all I can do is gush right now.